Elveden House

717 - 7th Avenue S.W.

About the Property

This tower is the principal building of Elveden Centre, which altogether totals a rentable area of 447,814 square feet.

Restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, drug store, and personal banking are adjacent. With fully upgraded Elevators, Life Safety and HVAC systems, and newly renovated common areas serving other buildings in the centre, this building is set to ready your business for the future.

Leasing District:
Downtown Calgary
Building Class:
Building Size:
172,140 sq. ft.
Year Built:
Number of Floors:
Typical Floor Size:
7,800 sq. ft.
Parking Ratio:
1 per 2,500 sq. ft @ 385.00 per month
Taxes and Operating Total:
$16.25 per sq. ft.

Leasing Agent:

Andrew Borle

Vice President- Real Estate Services

Building History

The three iconic towers of Elveden Centre have had a place in the Calgary skyline since the 1960s. The first central tower, Elveden House, was named from the Suffolk estate of the Guinness family—of Guinness Stout fame. Elveden Centre showcases exemplary modernist architecture, which was quickly becoming popular when construction began.
  • Close to 3 LRT stations
  • Nearby: Stephen Avenue stores and dining
  • Underground and additional parking available in an adjacent lot
  • Common Elveden Centre atrium for atmosphere

  • Area (sqft): 2,690

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 10,078

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 5,846

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 9,216

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 1,939

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 2,073

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 5,323

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 3,402

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 3,490

 Office /  Elveden House

  • Area (sqft): 2,984

 Office /  Elveden House

We’ve Got What
You’re Looking For

Elveden House, Iveagh House, and Guinness House are three separate skyscrapers rising up from a common two-story atrium, the Elveden Centre. The Building was built in to include skyscrapers Elveden House, Iveagh House, and Guinness House in the 1960s. 

The age of the building, its overall beauty, adjacent facilities, and economic demand all play a role in the rent expense of this office complex. Some downtown commercial leases are less expensive, but the building is relatively economical in price versus value. And depending on the space you’re interested in, you might get a rate you prefer over other downtown locations.

According to a November 2021 rate, the downtown core has 26.1 percent vacancy, making Elveden House one of many choices.